Urgent-care Vs. ER: Which Facility Will Be Quicker?

We are learning that patients looking for emergency care in medical center emergency rooms are waiting much longer and longer to see their providers. We provide many statistics to highlight this development and offer a practical way to long average emergency room wait times. Presented data indicates that the average delay keeps getting more and more intolerable.

The Reality of Increased Wait Times at Hospital Crisis Departments

The median number disregards exceptional information; so from the view of someone who revealed up for a check out to the emergency division during 2009, this person could anticipate to potentially wait 33 minutes to see a health care provider as compared to potentially waiting 27 moments in 2003. Calculated according to much more practical average wait time, the patient could expect to be a waiting up to fifty-eight minutes in contrast to about 46 minutes before 2004. In other words, it is really not uncommon to believe that a patient can potentially wait about one hour at times to obtain emergency care!

Overcrowding as a Factor in Increased Wait Times

The analysis through the government’s NCHS report indicates there are actually an escalating wide range of individuals looking for emergency department care with a lot fewer beds available. Patients who aren’t in critical need of immediate services can expect longer wait times when an emergency department is congested.

Urgent-care Clinics Provide Realistic Alternatives to Emergency Department Care

Urgent care clinics are made as facilities to accommodate patients who certainly require immediate care however they are not faced with life threatening issues. Not having to prioritize patients requiring critical care cuts down the wait time of people seeking services that are not life threatening. An example of one such urgent care clinic is Medical Care San Diego in La Jolla, CA. At our facility, those seeking emergency care will realize a doctor within half an hour.

This is suitable for patients with broken bones, severe flu symptoms, muscle mass strains, stomach pains along with various other difficulties leading to serious discomfort. Even when disaster circumstances are not life-threatening, everyone appreciates and deserves top quality medical care and efficient care.

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