Suspect gets away without guns in hardware store burglary

WINNEMUCCA — They say there’s never a cop around when you need one, but that’s not always true.

An attempted burglary at Reliable Hardware was thwarted early Friday morning (Oct. 14)  when someone attempted to steal guns from the store – with three cops in the parking lot.

According to Police Chief Eric Silva, two WPD officers and a Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office deputy were in the parking lot of Reliable touching base after night shift.  They were notified just as they were getting ready to leave that someone had set off the burglary alarms.

Officer Dan Shea did a check of the perimeter and found a rear side door was open. He and Officer Jeff Casalez entered the building where they found the gun department and an office area in disarray.

Detectives Will Bourland and Dave Garrison did a sweep of the building and found a backpack with an AR15 sitting on top and more firearms inside.

Silva theorized the suspect or suspects were spooked by the alarm and the sudden appearance of patrol vehicles in the parking lot, dropped the bag, and took off running.

Silva said while he helped secure the perimeter he could hear rustling in the tall willows behind Reliable.

WPD and HCSO personnel quickly established a perimeter and conducted a thorough grid search of the weeded area adjacent to Interstate 80, but no one connected to the burglary was found.

Silva said while the suspect(s) appeared to have gotten away – at least for now – the important thing was the firearms were secured.

Silva extended his appreciation and that of the WPD to the HCSO personnel who quickly responded to the area to assist with the investigation.

Anyone with information on the burglary may call the WPD 623-6396, HCSO Dispatch 623-6429, or Secret Witness 623-6969.

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