‘Superior Auction’ returns for 18th straight year

WINNEMUCCA, Nev.—The largest livestock auction in the United States has set up shop this week in Winnemucca as part of “Video Royale XVIII.”

The televised auction, which will be broadcast via satellite from the Winnemucca Convention Center starting Monday, August 2, through Friday, August 6, will bring together cattle sellers with buyers who will bid on cattle previously filmed on video.

The auction is hosted by the Fort Worth-based Superior Livestock company. Jim Davis, one of 300 Superior field representatives across the country, said Video Royale XVIII will see several thousand head of cattle change hands over the course of the five-day event.

The auction is expected to draw hundreds of people to Winnemucca with thousands of others watching via satellite. If the past 17 years are any indication of who will participate, there will be a good mix of ranchers from across the nation as well as a few foreign countries.

For those who do travel to Winnemucca for the sale, a host of special events are on the agenda, including a golf tournament at Winnemucca’s own municipal golf course and an invitation-only steak cookout with top-name entertainment.

Superior Livestock Auction introduced satellite video marketing to the nation’s cattle industry in 1987. Since that time, Superior has grown to become the largest livestock auction in the United States, selling 1.5 head of cattle annually.

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