State Forester issues fire-danger warning

CARSON CITY  – Nevada State Forester and Fire Warden, Pete Anderson, issued a warning today about fire danger throughout Nevada.

Western Nevada has experienced numerous wildfire ignitions over the past few weeks posing an increasing danger to the public as vegetation continues to dry.

“Wildfire prevention is an individual responsibility and maintaining wildfire awareness is critical during the summer months,” Anderson said. “I encourage all Nevadans to use extreme caution with fire and any potential ignition sources in order to prevent a catastrophic event from happening. No Nevadan wants to experience the tragic loss of life, property and natural resources that has occurred in the southern U.S.”

State, local and federal fire agencies provided the following facts and recommendations:

  • Despite the wet winter and spring there is still potential for wildfires, especially at the lower elevations
  • Since May 1, 2011, the Sierra Front Interagency Dispatch Center has dispatched 56 fires in western Nevada
  • The largest fire was the Nixon fire, which burned 11,207 acres
  • All but two fires have been human caused (common causes of human-caused fires are juveniles, abandoned campfires, unattended burn piles, fireworks and target shooting)
  • In the past ten years, a third of the human caused fires on public land in Nevada are caused by target shooting
  • No open burning is allowed until after fire season.
  • The Nevada Division of Forestry, Bureau of Land Management and U.S. Forest Service are evaluating the fire danger on a weekly basis and will implement fire restrictions as soon as the established criteria are met
  • Everyone is urged to exercise caution when working, traveling or recreating in wildland areas
  • Homeowners are urged to complete defensible space around homes.

Contact Anderson at 775-684-2501 for additional information.

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