Robinson case goes to district court

WINNEMUCCA — The man who allegedly incited a dog to attack Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office deputies who were trying to arrest him has reached a negotiated settlement with the state.

Gary Robinson, 72, walked into Union Township Justice Court on Tuesday (July 12) with 14 counts – all but one of them felony charges.

Robinson is being represented in court by Humboldt County Public Defender Matt Stermitz, who negotiated a settlement with the Humboldt County DA’s Office that allowed his client to walk out of justice court with three felonies and a misdemeanor.

Robinson waived his right to a preliminary hearing.  The case was then transferred to the 6th Judicial District Court where Robinson will be arraigned on charges of battery with a deadly weapon, assault with a deadly weapon, and being an ex-felon in possession of a firearm, all category B felonies.  He will still face a charge of misdemeanor domestic battery in justice court.

The charges of assault and battery stem directly from the allegations Robinson incited a dog to attack deputies.  The multiple charges of resisting arrest and the single charge of gross misdemeanor battery on a peace officer were dropped as part of the proposed negotiated settlement.

** This post contains descriptions of violence and use of strong language and was meant for mature readers.

The following information was obtained from the written reports of HCSO deputies on scene the night Robinson was arrested.  The reports were obtained from the Humboldt County DA’s Office on a NRS Chapter 239 request for public documents.

Events leading to the arrest of Robinson go back to June 17 and a reported domestic battery between Robinson and his wife.

Responding were Sgt. Lee Dove and Deputies Louie Landa, Lincoln Fay, and John Rogers.  Landa was identified in documents as being the lead investigator.

The deputies met with the victim and her grandson on the outskirts of the Robinson property.  All reported the victim had marks on her face consistent with a violent confrontation.  The victim told the deputies Robinson did have firearms in the house.

Rogers stayed with the victim and the juvenile; the other three approached the Robinson house.

Fay reported he stayed with his vehicle, armed with a rifle, to provide “long cover” on the chance Robinson had a gun.

Dove and Landa approached the house and were met at the porch by Robinson.

Landa reported Robinson referred to the “no trespassing” sign at the edge of his property and reportedly said, “Can’t you read the sign?  It says you are trespassing, so get the fuck off my property.”

Robinson allegedly admitted to pushing the victim.

Due to the alleged “self admission”, Sgt. Dove instructed the suspect to turn around and put his hands behind his back – that he was being arrested on suspicion of domestic battery.

Landa reported Robinson took a step back, turned around and said, “Fuck you, motherfuckers” and began to walk away.

Meanwhile, Fay secured the rifle when he saw Robinson was not armed and began to walk towards the group.  As he approached the house, Robinson called to a dog, described as a gray pitbull mix.  Robinson allegedly pointed to Fay and told the dog to “get him”.

Fay reported the dog came running towards him.  He said he pulled his pistol, and targeted the dog, which stopped about 15 feet away.

Robinson said, “Don’t kill my dog” and called the dog off.

Meanwhile, Dove and Landa made an attempt to restrain Robinson to arrest him. At this point Robinson allegedly struck Sgt. Dove in the face.

Dove went tumbling down the porch stairs, but his fall was broken by Fay who put out his arm to keep Dove from hitting the ground.

Landa then tased the suspect, who fell and allegedly hit his face on the porch rail then went tumbling down the porch steps and landed on the dirt.

The deputies moved in to arrest Robinson, Fay reportedly struck him twice on the upper thigh with a police baton in an effort to gain compliance.

At this point Robinson allegedly called to the dog, “Get them.  Get them.”

Landa reported Robinson also said, “Get them boy. Bite this motherfucker. Get them boy.”

The pitbull attacked Sgt. Dove.

Fay reported Dove began screaming in pain.  He looked back and saw the dog was “biting and tearing at (Dove’s) leg.”

Leaving Landa to struggle with the defendant, Fay struck the dog with his baton, he said in his report.

Fay reported, “The dog remained aggressive.  I struck the dog several times as it attempted to bite me.  The dog ran off about ten feet, turned, posted up and began to come for a second attack.”

At this point, Fay drew his pistol and shot the dog.

While Fay was fending off the dog attack, Landa was struggling with Robinson who was on the ground but shoving and kicking.

Landa reported that while he struggled with the suspect, he became aware that Robinson was allegedly attempting to retrieve a large knife from his pocket.

Landa reported he struck Robinson in the upper shoulder and Fay reported he struck Robinson in the face multiple times until they were able to handcuff him.

** Robinson will be arraigned in 6th Judicial District Court at a later date.

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