LTE: Lovin’ Small-Town America

Today, Veterans Day 2011, we lined up police, fire, EMS and civic groups to run our annual parade. It began to rain; the temperature was 35 degrees. As we began our short route, the streets were lined, not just with children waiting on us to throw candy, but many of those we gather to honor this day.  As we drove the route I could see the admiration in the eyes of those who stood there next to the veterans, that look that said thank you for being a good person and thank you for doing violence on my behalf when you were called upon.

It warms my heart that in a time of such turmoil, so many members of a small town will come together and honor those who protect the land of the free, by being one of the brave. To watch the spectators wave and smile at the local EMS, Fire, Law Enforcement and National Guard and to hear them say “thank you” It gives us all feelings that you can’t explain in words and the heart of everyone involved.  To the citizens of Humboldt County, thank you for your continued support of your public safety professionals and those who keep us safe.

Tony A. Shope

Rescue Operations Coordinator

Humboldt General Hospital EMS & Rescue

Winnemucca, Nevada

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