HCSD nepotism policy passes 5-2

WINNEMUCCA — Having discussed the issue at three different meetings, the Humboldt County School District Board of Trustees voted to adopt an official nepotism policy on Tuesday (Oct. 11) after a short discussion.

Trustees Andrew Hillyer and Glenda Deputy voted against adopting the policy

In a second vote, the board voted unanimously to put the policy into effect next school year.  Anyone wishing to seek an exception must go before the school board by July 1, 2012 to discuss the matter.  Exceptions to the policy will be made on a majority vote.

The policy will prohibit a HCSD employee from being supervised and evaluated by a relative within the third degree of consanguinity.

Consanguinity is a blood relative; affinity is a relative by marriage.

Trustee Ann Miller, who was a former administrator, was in favor of the policy and discussed how difficult it would be to supervise and evaluate a close relative.

However, she felt the policy should not extend to sports, such as a parent coaching a son or daughter, and the board should retain the authority to make exceptions.

As he has before, Hillyer spoke out against  the policy.  Not only does there not appear to be a problem, he argued, but the policy was too far reaching.

He commented, “I don’t think it will do our district much good.”

Employees are responsible for reporting nepotism conflicts to the district office.






Except as hereinafter provided, no individual may be employed as an employee when the performance of such individual would be directly and immediately supervised and evaluated by any relative of such individual within the third degree of consanguinity or affinity, nor shall such related employees be assigned to positions which have a fiduciary responsibility to one another which could be compromised by such familial relationships.


A person so related, as specified in the above paragraph, may be hired or assigned when authorized by a majority vote of the Board of Trustees upon the written request of the supervisor seeking to hire or assign such individual where some special, substantial and convincing reason or such peculiar circumstances make such hiring or assignment reasonable and not otherwise detrimental to the Humboldt County School District.

Should a relationship change occur which would result in a violation of this regulation, it is both employees’ responsibility to report this change to Human Resources within thirty (30) calendar days.  The school district then reserves the right to transfer one of the employees to another department or assignment.


Employees who feel they would have a conflict of interest by serving as a member of a selection committee, should not serve.  A conflict of interest is any circumstance which would improperly influence a person to depart from the objective and impartial discharge of his/her responsibilities as a member of a selection committee.  A conflict of interest may arise from any number of situations, such as a committee member being a relative  of a candidate, close personal friend, former business associate, etc.  If an individual is unsure if a conflict of interest might exist by serving as a member of a committee, s/he should consult with the Assistant Superintendent.

If another member of the selection committee or any other person who has knowledge of the composition of the committee believes there may exist a conflict of interest, that person should notify the chairperson of the committee or Assistant Superintendent as soon as possible.

Nothing herein shall be construed to authorize employment of any individual in violation of NRS 281.210.

Legal Reference

NRS 281.210:  Miscellaneous Provisions & Prohibitions – Officers of state political subdivisions and University and community college system of Nevada prohibited from employing relatives; exceptions; penalties.

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