Grass Valley couple before commission on roaming dog complaint

WINNEMUCCA — A couple frustrated with the lack of appropriate response from the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office over the issue of roaming dogs in Grass Valley, took their complaint to a higher source and appeared before the Humboldt County Commissioners seeking tougher enforcement of county ordinances.  The couple appeared before the commission on Monday (June 6).

While the commission has no authority over the sheriff’s office, they did pass a resolution to ask Sheriff Ed Kilgore to take action to resolve some of the issues.

Sheriff Kilgore did not respond to the opportunity to comment on some of the issues raised by the couple.

Charles and Cindy White told the commissioners some of their neighbors simply do not contain their dogs, which roam the neighborhood and enter the White’s property where they dig up the flower beds and dig through the trash.

Additionally, they can’t take a walk, walk their own dog, or ride their horses off their property without being chased by dogs.

The couple attempted to resolve the problems with their neighbors, but the situation became volatile.  The couple alleged they have been screamed at, their pets threatened, and Charles White, who is black, was allegedly subjected to racial slurs.

The couple taped at least one of the encounters, which showed just how aggressive at least one of the neighbors was.  On another occasion a neighbor allegedly threatened to kill the couple’s horse right in front of the animal control officer.

On another occasion,  the couple found an arrow had been shot through their shed wall, and Cindy White said it was her belief the neighbor shot at the White’s dog that was in its own yard and contained.

The couple tried to work with the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office Animal Control officer, but that intervention did not result in change.

Cindy White said the animal control officer was being too nice and not enforcing ordinances that should be enforced through the citation process.

Charles White added, “It shows nothing’s going to happen.  That sends the wrong message.”

White commented, “We have to get some restrictions. My neighborhood’s not safe enough for me to take a walk with my dog.”

Commissioner Tom Fransway said, “These folks have the right to enjoy a peaceful life and so does everybody else in that area.  I think it would be appropriate for this body to request Sheriff Kilgore to ask animal control to investigate the situation.”

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