Golf cart owner wants reward offered for arrest of culprits; council changes policy for shed keys

WINNEMUCCA — One of the victims of this past weekend’s golf cart vandalism went before the Winnemucca City Council on Tuesday (July 13) to offer up a reward for the culprits – and challenged the council to meet the amount.

Shelley Kyllo’s golf cart was vandalized – probably beyond repair – after unknown suspects played bumper cars with it then submerged it into the pond at the golf course. Kyllo purchased the cart last year for $3,800. It saw one season. Authorities believe the vandalism occurred either Saturday night (July 10) or early Sunday morning (July 11).

Kyllo said she was willing to put up $500 for the arrest of the culprits and asked the council to meet her offer.

However, the council could take no action because the request was not agendized.

Meanwhile, the damage at the golf course may be greater than originally thought. In addition to the five carts removed from the shed, which were heavily damaged or totaled from being submerged in the pond, three in the shed were also vandalized. The damage estimate was $10,000 – $15,000.

At issue for security at the golf course were the keys for the storage sheds that are issued to the golf cart owners so they can have flexible access to their carts.

Authorities believe whoever was responsible for the vandalism probably had a key to the shed – though there was some disagreement about that at the council meeting.

Golf pro Michael A. Kieser, who was on-hand for the discussion said, “There’s too many keys and too many problem kids.”

The council instructed Kieser to change the locks on the sheds but not to issue duplicates to the cart owners. On the council’s instruction, only Kieser and the greenskeeper, Jake Weber, will have keys. Cart owners will have access to their carts after Weber arrives in the morning, approximately 6 a.m., until Kieser leaves for the day, approximately 9 p.m.

The council intends to have security at the golf course as an agendized item at their next meeting. Among the possible items up for discussion will be security alarms on the sheds.

Also up for discussion will be tightened restrictions concerning the age limit for young people driving carts on the golf course. The rule is supposed to be a young person must have a driver’s license in order to operate a cart on the course; however, those present reported careless and/or reckless driving on the course by those who looked too young to have a driver’s license. The golf pro may revoke driving privileges on the golf course if he determines the carts are being driven in an inappropriate manner.

Young people are not actually required to have a driver’s license if they’re driving a cart at the course as part of their employment duties.

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