Farley case bound over to district court

WINNEMUCCA — The man charged in connection to a deadly DUI accident will proceed to 6th Judicial District Court for trial.

John M. Farley, 30,  was charged with DUI causing death for allegedly running his pickup into a pedestrian in the Khoury’s parking lot on Sept. 17.  The pedestrian, Antonia Solis, 73, died six days later.

Farley was in Union Township Justice Court on Thursday (Oct. 6) for a preliminary hearing.  Following testimony, Judge Gene Wambolt ruled sufficient evidence existed to move the case up to district court.

Among those testifying was Lindsay Wilcher, who was in the pickup with Farley at the time of the accident.  According to testimony, the two spent the night hanging out, drinking, and playing pool.

Farley was taking her home because,  Wilcher reported,  she had been drinking, at least ten whiskey and cokes plus shots, and was in no condition to drive.  There were questions she couldn’t answer simply because she couldn’t remember.

She did remember Farley pulling into the parking lot of Khoury’s.  She said Solis appeared to step out of nowhere in front of Farley’s vehicle — at which point she said she screamed.  In response to a question, Wilcher told the court Farley did not have time to stop before hitting her with his pickup truck.

Another witness, Anna Blasengane, told the court she witnessed erratic driving from the pickup truck being driven by Farley before the accident.

Blasengane was a passenger in a car behind Farley’s pickup truck as it proceeded down Hanson St.  She told the court she observed the pickup swerving, and it nearly hit a curb.  Then, at the red light at the intersection of Grass Valley Rd. and Hanson St., the pickup went suddenly from the middle lane to the turn lane and merely paused at the red light before turning on to Grass Valley Rd.

The vehicle Blasengane was in turned onto Grass Valley Rd. in the same direction as the pickup being driven by Farley.  She said the pickup came to her attention again in the parking lot of Khoury’s.  She said she looked over just in time to see the pickup truck strike the victim.

The driver of the passenger vehicle took the next turn into Khoury’s. At the scene Blasengane called 9-1-1.

The witness was asked to describe the victim’s injuries.  She said the woman’s feet under the front tire appeared broken, her head was bleeding, she was struggling to breath, and was foaming at the mouth.

Except for two or three blinks, Solis was unresponsive.

Also testifying on Thursday was Officer Dan Shea, of the Winnemucca Police Department. Under questioning, Shea told the court he made contact with Farley at the scene.  He reported Farley’s eyes were bloodshot, his speech slow, and he smelled of alcohol.

He said Farley acknowledged drinking six vodka drinks. He also reported Farley was not able to complete a field sobriety test satisfactorily.

Farley remains in custody at the Humboldt County Detention Center. As he is on federal parole, he has been placed on a no-bail hold.

(shown above) Farley is shown in Union Township Justice Court with his attorney Sherburne Macfarlan.

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