Letter From the Editor: Ghost Hunters reviewing evidence

Dear Readers,

Now that the Northern Nevada Ghost Hunters have spent the weekend reaching out to the unseen, the question everyone’s asking is, “What did they find?”

It would be bad etiquette for me to give away too much before NNGH has been given an opportunity to review the evidence and present it to the community.

That being said, I think I can safely say the spirits of the Humboldt County Courthouse do not disappoint.

SPJ position statement on the City of Winnemucca’s proposed media policy

It is the position of the Silver Pinyon Journal that the City of Winnemucca’s draft media policy, as proposed by City Manager Steve West, is insufficient and lacks the careful thought that should be given to government/media relations in order to uphold the principles of the First Amendment.

The media does not request information from the government on its own behalf. Rather, the information is requested on behalf of the public. The infrastructure that allows the flow of information from the government to the public is just as important as the roads we drive.  To that end:

Note from the Editor: Candidate visits; media not invited

WINNEMUCCA — The first official candidate of Special Election 2011 will be in town this week seeking our vote.  The SPJ will not be there to report on all the exciting talking points, though, because the media has been frozen out by  the campaign.

Since I’m reluctant to give oodles of free advertising to someone not showing First Amendment love, for the sake of this editorial the candidate in question will be referred to as Bark Hamoday (the ‘H’ is silent).

Note from the Editor: Accident in Grass Valley

I understand from the amount of emails I have received there is high interest in what may have happened Monday evening in Grass Valley that led to someone’s death.

To be honest, I don’t know it was Monday, or that there was an accident, or that someone was killed.  So, thinks I to myself, I’ll ask.

To that end, I made two requests for information from the investigating agency:  the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office.  The troops aren’t allowed to speak to the media (literally), so I emailed Undersheriff Curtis Kull and  Sheriff Ed Kilgore and requested information.

Sure, three days have gone by without any response whatsoever, but I’m willing to cut the SO some slack on this one.  I’m a professional writer, so it doesn’t take me long to write, “We were called to the scene of an accident Monday evening in which a man was tragically killed. Name withheld pending notification of next of kin.”

Sunday Morning Reflections: the John Adams legacy

WINNEMUCCA —  The schools do this terrible disservice in that they attempt to teach really important stuff at a time when we simply don’t care (ages 12-16) because by that time most of us have discovered the opposite sex (or the same sex – we don’t judge).

Due to this error in judgment by the education establishment, many have little or no knowledge of the John Adams legacy.