Board votes to proceed with demolition of Double Duty Duds building

WINNEMUCCA — The Humboldt County Board of Commissioners voted unanimously on Monday (Oct. 3) to proceed with the demolition of the commercial building at Fourth and Baud Streets.

The building was formerly home to Double Duty Duds. It was donated to the county last year and was received with the intention it be used to benefit the Winnemucca Rural Fire District.

Addressing the commission were Fire Chief Ron Schrempp and Assistant Fire Chief Torrey Sheen.

Sheen said after much discussion the fire district board determined it would be cost prohibitive to bring the building up to current codes and/or convert it into something the fire department could use.  The floors in the building are wooden and would not support the weight of parking large trucks there.

Additionally, sitting vacant it represents something of a liability for the county.  For example, someone could get in, play with matches, and the place would burn up — maybe injuring the person playing with matches.

Because the building technically belongs to the county, the county will put out bids for the demolition.  However, the cost of demolition will be reimbursed by the WRFD.

Looking to save some money on the project, there was some discussion of approaching the Landfill Committee for a waiver of the fee for C&D waste into the landfill.

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