A Note From the Editor: In which I acknowledge a disservice

Dear Readers,

I want to thank one of our commenters (voiceofreason) for the following post:

“Dee – I think I understand and appreciate our dialogue. But to think that the relationship between SPJ and ANY public official, including WPD and HCSO officers and supervisors, city officials, school teachers and administrators, and just about any other public figure is a “Win-Win” is ludicrous. These people have NO supporters here in SPJ, and are constantly put down. Why would any of them feel an obligation to treat SPJ any differently than SPJ treats them? Although YOU may not treat them badly, you provide the means for people to publicly castigate them. I am not surprised at West’s reaction.”

This post had a powerful effect on me – though not the one he/she may have intended.  What it did was remind me I was doing the very thing I advise our public officials not to do:  I focused on the negative and forgot the numbers.

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